The Unspoken Power of the cPanel Logo –

The Unspoken Power of the cPanel Logo

As most any Hosting Provider will tell you, looking for new ways to promote services, gain more business, and earn new customers is one of the most important things they do every day. At the same time, both new and experienced cPanel users alike are visiting these Hosting Providers sites looking at what they’re offering.

There are, of course, an unlimited number of reasons people shop around for new hosting, and those reasons are always evolving. For Hosting Providers, knowing in advance what their current and future clients’ needs will be is crucial to their success.

Experienced Website Owners Prefer cPanel

Any knowledgeable website owner or seasoned cPanel user will pretty much know what they’re looking for. They know what options they need, and if they’ll need shared hosting, VPS hosting, or a dedicated server. When they start looking at other hosting company’s websites, they’re sure to find a lot of the same sorts of offerings from one host to the next that are already familiar. For these folks, a lot of the time it comes down to low pricing, options, and whether or not the new host offers cPanel & WHM.

New Website Owners Are Looking For cPanel

Every day new people enter the hosting industry and purchase hosting for the first time. Although they may not know everything just yet, what they are looking for is a cPanel & WHM-powered hosting provider! They’ve got an idea for a new website in mind and are looking for hosting, something simple that just plain works. Something they’ll understand intuitively, without having to ask a lot of questions so they can get up and running quickly. They have heard about cPanel from trusted advisors and are looking for companies that offer it.

Low pricing doesn’t necessarily make these folks more comfortable; they need secure and easy. They need a hosting provider that makes them comfortable on the first visit to the website to give them a closer look.

This post isn’t about how to pick the best cPanel Hosting Providers though, nor is it an intro to what cPanel & WHM is for those new users. This post is about how Hosting Providers that want to connect with new and experienced users alike, can connect, with one tried-and-true sure-fire way that’s quite simple.

Look For The cPanel Logo!

cPanel is not just the gold standard for web hosting platforms; it’s the Hosting Platform of Choice!

No one should have to dig through a Hosting Provider’s website or open a ticket to ask if they offer cPanel & WHM. Any cPanel & WHM-powered hosting provider that doesn’t actively promote the fact that they provide cPanel & WHM by prominently displaying the official cPanel logo on their website is making a mistake. And, are losing customers to those that do!

This Is The Unspoken Power Of The cPanel Logo!

For Hosting Providers all over the world, cPanel & WHM is the backbone of their business. Millions of websites are hosted on the cPanel & WHM platform right now around the world. Why? We make hosting those websites and managing servers easy! Successful Hosting Providers know this, and is why they choose and promote cPanel!

The cPanel logo stands for quality, easy to use hosting at affordable prices. If people don’t see the cPanel logo anywhere on your website, they won’t settle, and they shouldn’t have to. They’re looking for a hosting provider that uses and promotes cPanel proudly!

Their websites and client-base deserve the best, and you can be sure they will choose a company that offers cPanel & WHM!

Update Your Website To Get New Customers

Hosting Providers! Your future customers are looking for the cPanel logo. They’re busy. They want to quickly see something familiar, so they can choose a plan and make a purchase, today! They expect to find that cPanel logo on your site. When they see it, they say to themselves, they offer cPanel, this is my next host.

Are you still using that old cPanel logo, or worse, not using any cPanel logo at all anywhere on your site? No worries friend, we’ve got you covered! Please update your website today with one or more of our official cPanel logos. Be sure to check out our Marketing team’s most excellent cPanel Brand Guideline, available to you right now!

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