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Ocean Solutions Accelerator names its first wave of conservation startups – TechCrunch

July 17, 2018

Early this year the Sustainable Oceans Alliance announced it would be starting its own accelerator with a focus on conservation. The nonprofit has just announced the Ocean Solutions Accelerator’s first wave of startups: a particularly varied and international lineup that’s easy to root for. You may also remember that the SOA was one of the […]

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CRISPR DNA editing may cause serious genetic damage, researchers warn – TechCrunch

July 16, 2018

CRISPR-Cas9, the gene-editing tool that is currently the darling of biotech and many other fields, may not be quite as miraculous as early tests suggested. A new study finds that what scientists thought of as a scalpel may be more like a felling axe, causing damage hundreds of times what was previously observed. Before anyone […]

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Disney tech smooths out bad CG hair days – TechCrunch

July 13, 2018

Disney is unequivocally the world’s leader in 3D simulations of hair — something of a niche talent in a way, but useful if you make movies like Tangled, where hair is basically the main character. A new bit of research from the company makes it easier for animators to have hair follow their artistic intent […]

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Machine learning boosts Swiss startup’s shot at human-powered land speed record – TechCrunch

July 12, 2018

The current world speed record for riding a bike down a straight, flat road was set in 2012 by a Dutch team, but the Swiss have a plan to topple their rivals — with a little help from machine learning. An algorithm trained on aerodynamics could streamline their bike, perhaps cutting air resistance by enough […]

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Facebook independent research commission ‘Social Science One’ will share a petabyte of user data – TechCrunch

July 11, 2018

Back in April, Facebook announced that it would be working with a group of academics to establish an independent research commission to look into issues of social and political significance using the company’s own extensive data collection. That commission just came out of stealth; it’s called Social Science One, and its first project will have […]

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Virgin Galactic agrees to launch space flights from Italy – TechCrunch

July 6, 2018

U.S. space venture Virgin Galactic announced it has partnered with two aerospace companies to help bring commercial space launches to Italy. The agreement with Italy’s largest private space company SITAEL, and ALTEC, a public-private company owned by the Italian Space Agency and Thales Alenia Space, has been two years in the making. The idea is to […]

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Space X/Boring Company engineers are being sent to help with Thai cave rescue – TechCrunch

July 6, 2018

In a series of late night/early morning tweets, Elon Musk offered up engineers from Space X and the Boring Company to help the soccer team trapped in a Thailand cave. Musk began by suggesting a potential solution to help rescue the team and their coach who went missing late last month. As he noted, the […]

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Chinese company claims its ‘laser AK-47’ can set you on fire from half a mile away – TechCrunch

July 2, 2018

Lasers! Everybody loves them, everybody wants them. But outside a few niche applications they have failed to live up to the destructive potential that Saturday morning cartoons taught us all to expect. In defiance of this failure, a company in China claims to have produced a “laser AK-47” that can burn targets in a fraction […]

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launch set back to 2021 – TechCrunch

June 28, 2018

NASA announced yesterday that its highly anticipated James Webb Space Telescope is delaying its launch — again. It was announced in March that the mission would be delayed until 2020, which is already two years past its original launch date of October 2018. But after accepting the recommendations of an independent review board, NASA has […]

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Watch Rocket Lab’s first commercial launch, ‘It’s Business Time’ [Update: Postponed] – TechCrunch

June 27, 2018

Rocket Lab, the New Zealand-based rocket company that is looking to further amplify the commercial space frenzy, is launching its first fully paid payload atop an Electron rocket tonight — technically tomorrow morning at the launch site. If successful, it will mark a significant new development in the highly competitive world of commercial launches. Update: […]

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