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Amazon now lets you share your custom skills made with Alexa Blueprints – TechCrunch

June 13, 2018

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced “Alexa Blueprints” – a way for anyone to create their own customized Alexa skills for personal use, without needing to know how to code. Today, the company will allow those skills to be shared with others, including through text messages, email, messaging apps like WhatsApp, or social media platforms like […]

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Motiv’s fitness ring can help you find a lost iPhone – TechCrunch

May 31, 2018

I was surprisingly impressed when I tested out Motiv’s fitness ring. Honestly, I’m not a ring wearer myself, but it’s nice to see a hardware startup think outside the fitness band — and produce a surprisingly capable product in the process. The company’s also done a pretty decent job continuing to add features to the […]

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This family’s Echo sent a private conversation to a random contact – TechCrunch

May 24, 2018

A Portland family tells KIRO news that their Echo recorded and then sent a private conversation to someone on its list of contacts without telling them. Amazon called it an “extremely rare occurrence.” (And provided a more detailed explanation, below.) Portlander Danielle said that she got a call from one of her husband’s employees one […]

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Amazon Music’s app adds hands-free listening, courtesy of Alexa – TechCrunch

May 24, 2018

In September, Amazon announced it was adding support for Alexa voice control to its Amazon Music app for iOS and Android. However, it was implemented as a tap-to-talk function – something that didn’t quite mesh with the hands-free voice control experience Alexa is known for. Today, Amazon is addressing that problem by rolling out hands-free […]

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Alexa gets smarter about calendar appointments – TechCrunch

May 22, 2018

As digital assistants improve, we’re learning new things to expect from them, but the tasks that a real-life assistant may have handled before can still be a bit of a challenge to home assistants. Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is gaining functionality to help it get smarter about working with your calendar. The new abilities will […]

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Now you can buy a laptop with Alexa preinstalled – TechCrunch

May 21, 2018

It was just matter of time, really. Amazon’s push to get its smart assistant on every piece of hardware imaginable now includes Windows 10 laptops, starting with Acer’s Spin 3 and 5 lines. Both include models sporting Alexa, currently available at retail. Acer looks to be all in with the assistant — Alexa is coming […]

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Alexa developers get 8 free voices to use in skills, courtesy of Amazon Polly – TechCrunch

May 16, 2018

Now Alexa’s voice apps don’t have to sound like Alexa. Amazon today is offering a way for developers to give their voice apps a unique character with the launch of eight free voices to use in skills, courtesy of the Amazon Polly service. The voices are only available in U.S. English, and include a mix […]

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Researchers show Siri and Alexa can be exploited with ‘silent’ commands hidden in songs – TechCrunch

May 10, 2018

Researchers at UC Berkeley have shown they can embed within songs stealthy commands for popular voice assistants that can prompt platforms like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant to carry out actions without humans getting wise. The research, reported earlier by The New York Times, is a more actionable evolution of something security researchers have been […]

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Microsoft shows off Alexa-Cortana integration, launches sign-up website for news – TechCrunch

May 7, 2018

Microsoft still isn’t giving a timeline as to when its virtual assistant, Cortana, will support integration with Amazon Alexa – something the companies had announced last year. But the company at its Build developer conference today did show off how that integration will work, in an on-stage demo with support from Amazon, and it launched a new […]

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Amazon opens up in-skill purchases to all Alexa developers – TechCrunch

May 3, 2018

Amazon today launched in-skill purchasing to all Alexa developers, along with Amazon Pay for skills. That means developers have a way to generate revenue from their voice applications on Alexa-powered devices, like Amazon’s Echo speakers. For example, developers could charge for additional packs to go along with their voice-based games, or offer other premium content […]

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